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7 Hilly Miles

26 Sep

After taking Labor day weekend off from training, we returned to our normal training site on Saturday, September 11th for a 7-mile run.  Once again, our coach wanted us to get some hill training in during this run, so the first 4-miles of the course was all uphill.  It wasn’t a steep hill , but it was a steady incline that I could feel in my legs as I ran.  Once again I ran almost completely straight through the course.  I took one short walk break, as the constant incline really tired out my legs.  Other than that, it was only the water stop, as we seemed to have “good” luck and caught all the crosswalks on green.

The sun came out during our run, but it wasn’t too hot and we had some nice shade along the route.  I sped up again this week with an average pace of 11:49 per mile.  My training is definitely helping me to increase my speed and endurance.

Here’s another picture of some of us after the run.  Mel, our assistant coach (on the left), actually ran the course twice.  She ran it early to mark the course so we would know where to go, and then came back and ran it again with all of us.

You can still support me in my training by making a donation in support of my goal by visiting My Fundraising Page.

Thank you again for all your support!

Go Team!


Third Group Run

16 Aug

Saturday morning I finished my third group training run.  It was another early morning at Heritage Park in Irvine.  After announcements and a warm up, we had another clinic.  This week the clinic was on core strength.  A strong core can help you when running long distances.  So I think my pilates practice will definitely help me as the training continues.  After some instruction on core exercises, it was time for our training run.  This week it was a timed running – 30 minutes out then turn around and run the 30 minutes back.  I continued to run at 4-1 intervals with a few other ladies.  It was a nice cool and overcast morning, so the run went pretty well.  My total mileage for the run came in at just under 5-miles and my pace was pretty consistent with what I have been running lately – about 12:30 to 13:00 per mile.  All in all it was a good run.

And speaking of pilates, I did get back into it last week.  I had a session on Friday afternoon, and it felt good to start my practice again.  My body was definitely tight after a month off, but I could feel things start to open up and loosen throughout the session.  My body felt much better after I was done.  Then I woke up on Saturday morning and was reminded of the soreness that comes from working muscles that haven’t been used recently.  Luckily the soreness didn’t bother me while running, but it was another reminder that I need to keep up a regular pilates schedule.  I am hoping to get it in about twice a week throughout the rest of my half marathon training.

My fundraising has slowed lately, but I have surpassed the $2000 mark.  However, I still have a long way to go to reach my goal.  If you haven’t taken a minute to donate yet, please visit My Fundraising Page to make your tax-deductible donation.  Any amount of support is greatly appreciated and helps an amazing organization.  For those who have already donated, or for anyone who wants to support me in another way, please pass along my blog and fundraising page to your family and friends.  Unfortunately, almost everyone has been touched by blood cancers in some way, and support of my goal is an easy way to fight back.

One way to define team is:

Together Everyone Accomplishes More

You are all part of my team in this journey!  It is only with your help  and support that I will accomplish my goal and that the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society will continue to find ways to fight blood cancers.

Thank you all!  Go Team!

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