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7 Hilly Miles

26 Sep

After taking Labor day weekend off from training, we returned to our normal training site on Saturday, September 11th for a 7-mile run.  Once again, our coach wanted us to get some hill training in during this run, so the first 4-miles of the course was all uphill.  It wasn’t a steep hill , but it was a steady incline that I could feel in my legs as I ran.  Once again I ran almost completely straight through the course.  I took one short walk break, as the constant incline really tired out my legs.  Other than that, it was only the water stop, as we seemed to have “good” luck and caught all the crosswalks on green.

The sun came out during our run, but it wasn’t too hot and we had some nice shade along the route.  I sped up again this week with an average pace of 11:49 per mile.  My training is definitely helping me to increase my speed and endurance.

Here’s another picture of some of us after the run.  Mel, our assistant coach (on the left), actually ran the course twice.  She ran it early to mark the course so we would know where to go, and then came back and ran it again with all of us.

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Thank you again for all your support!

Go Team!


A 10K Training Run (or 6.2 miles)

26 Sep

On Saturday, August 28, we ran a 10k training run, which really means we ran 6.2 miles.  We met at Hicks Canyon Park in Irvine, a few miles away from our normal training site.  Luckily, the overcast and cool weather returned for this run.  In order to train for San Francisco, the first 2-miles of the course was a steady incline and it was a little tough.  The rest of course was downhill which allowed me to recover a bit.  Although it was a little challenging, I was able to run the full 6-miles without taking any walk breaks.   My only stops along the run were for crosswalks and the water stop.  In addition to running the full course, I kept a pretty good average pace of 12:19 per mile.

We also had a short clinic on proper clothing for running.  The biggest rule to remember – cotton is rotten – because it holds the moisture next to your skin.  Wicking fabrics are the best to keep you dry and prevent blisters and chaffing.  During this training, I have discovered that I prefer running skirts to running shorts.  The skirts don’t bunch up during the run and the compression shorts under the skirt prevent chaffing during the long runs.  I love the skirts that I have gotten for running.  And an extra bonus is that they come in pretty colors and designs so I can look pretty while I run.

Here are a few pictures of our team after completing our run.  If you look closely, you can even see my cute running skirt.

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Dinner Out for a Good Cause!

13 Sep

For everyone in the Orange County area, I have a great, fun way for you to help support my fundraising.  Along with a few of the other women training with me, we are having a fun fundraiser tomorrow night – Tuesday, September 14, 2010.

Join me out for dinner tomorrow night at Johnny Rockets at The District in Tustin between 5-8pm.  All you have to do is use the flyer below when you order your food.  20% of the sales made during that time will be donated back to support my fundraising efforts.

Since you are eating out for a good cause, you can enjoy your burger, fries, and shakes without any guilt!  I hope you will join us.


And if you can’t make it tomorrow night, but still want to support my cause, please visit My Fundraising Page!

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