A Hot 5-Miles

30 Aug

Saturday, August 21st,  we had our fourth group training run.  The cool weather and marine layer we have enjoyed along the coast most of the summer disappeared, and our 5-mile run was HOT!  Although the temperature remained cool, the sun was out full force beating down on us throughout the whole run.

This week we had our last clinic – on nutrition and hydration – before heading out on our run.  We were reminded that we have to make sure that we are properly hydrating and eating on the days before our long runs, not just when we get out on the course.  I need to make sure to start planning meals better, especially on Fridays.

The 5-mile route this week varied from our previous runs.  We started out in the same direction and then headed down a hill to run along the trail by the railroad tracks.  For the most part, the run was pretty flat and easy.  But the beating sun definitely zapped my energy.  Additionally, our coach had us doing fartleks throughout our run.  Fartleks are short bursts of speed during the run.  Our coach had marked lines along our route to measure the fartleks.  When you hit the starting line, you were supposed to pick up your pace to sprint speed for the couple hundred yards to the marked finish line.  The purpose of fartleks is to help increase your speed by engaging your fast-twitch muscles.  There were six fartleks laid out along the route, and they certainly tired me out.  But I finished the 5-miles in about an hour and was pretty pleased with my run.  The nice nap later in the afternoon wasn’t bad either.

I am still working on my fundraising and want to thank everyone who has already donated to support me.  You can still help by passing my blog and fundraising website along to your family and friends.

Thank you all!

Go Team!

Note: I started this post the day after the run, but then got caught up in work last week and never got around to finishing it till now.  I will try to keep more current going forward.


One Response to “A Hot 5-Miles”

  1. Bonnie August 31, 2010 at 1:06 pm #

    Keep working…. needless to say! lol

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