Training Begins

10 Aug

So I am quite late with this posting, but life has been crazy lately.  Saturday, July 31st was our first group training run.  I spent the day before the run moving so I was pretty tired and sore at 6am on Saturday when I had to get up.  Our first month of the group training runs all includes clinics on different aspects running and training.  The clinic on our first training day was the shoe clinic.  We met at a local running store and learned about the different types of shoes available and how they can help your running form.  Then it was time to run.

The first group run was an easy 2-mile run – one mile out and one mile back.  I tried to go out easy and not start off too fast.  I actually ran a pretty steady pace.  And, I ran straight through the full 2 miles.  The only time I stopped was waiting for a light to cross the street.  I finished those 2 miles in 25 minutes, and I was pretty proud of myself.  It was a good start to the group training.

After the run, in addition to the water and snacks they had for us, we had the opportunity to be professionally fit for proper running shoes.  Since I still had moving to finish, I couldn’t stay for that fitting, but I plan to head back to the store for a fitting soon.

I was excited to get started with the official training and to start meeting some of the other people who I will be running with this season.  It is really amazing to see so many people who are working toward the same goals – running a 1/2 marathon and raising money to help eradicate blood cancers.

I want to thank everyone who has donated in support of my goal.  I am about one-third of the way to my goal.  Your support keeps me running.  If you haven’t donated yet, please visit My Fundraising Page and give what you can.  I would also appreciate you passing along my blog to your friends so they can support my goal as well.

Thank you all!

Go Team!


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